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Wadström Tönnheim Gallery, Marbella

Wadström Tönnheim Gallery proudly presents its third solo exhibition with the emerging Swedish artist Daniel Fleur, but it’s Daniels first solo exhibition in Spain. Vernissage is open for all and everyone on Friday the 28th of January between 19.00-21.30h.

Fleur is a painter who lives and works in Malmö, Sweden. The artist is known for the way he examines the merging of the digital and the physical. By using various combinations of textured brushstrokes, loose washes, distinct graphic lines, and different canvases, the works embody a genre of painting that explores the organization of social space in the digital age. Each painting contains elements of representation and abstraction and resembles both pictorial landscapes and gestural abstractions. Marks swarm and dissolve, spaces grow and collapse, and layers weave and pull apart. These paintings require different types of looking at different moments, and from different vantage points. They remind us that our field of perception is itself fractured and ambivalent.

–       This new body of paintings expands the artist’s formal language and explores the themes of repetition, the act of looking and the passing of time. And it’s with tremendous pride, joy and excitement we present this third solo exhibition at Wadström Tönnheim Gallery. We have built a strong prosperous collaboration together with Daniel since I discovered this amazing talent eight years ago when I met him at one of my many visits to Malmö Art Academy. Says Mattias Tönnheim, founder and director of the gallery.

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