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Krognoshuset, Lund

We at Krognoshuset are very happy about our exhibition with Daniel Fleur, which will be the artist's first solo exhibition in Lund.

In our lives, the digital and the analog are woven together. 

The painting and the digital image, the materials, represent themselves. At the same time, they are used as a means to describe something else.

Oscillating between the material and the immaterial, Daniel Fleur's paintings meet us as trustees of these two experiences.

The exhibition shows paintings made up of production and reproduction. A specific state of light has been frozen and digitized for a few seconds of shutter speed. The photograph of the painting has then served as a starting point for a new painting. The translation of

information and compression creates deviations. A small change in color temperature can cause major changes. Size changes as well.


This takes shape and takes place before our eyes. Each painting becomes a creation and a recreation at the same time.


But it is not just about one then and one now, but also about a future, where the picture continues to change.


Least Recently Used (LRU) refers to the algorithm used to keep recently stored information at the top of memory. When new data is registered, it is placed at the top of the algorithm. When the memory limit is reached, the data stored at the far end will be deleted from the memory.


Daniel Fleur (b. 1992) lives and works in Malmö. He is educated at Malmö Art Academy where he received his master's degree in 2018. Daniel Fleur has exhibited at Galleri KANT in Copenhagen, Wadström Tönnheim Gallery in Malmö and Marbella, Galleri Thomas Wallner

in Simris and at Malmö Konstmuseum.

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