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Galleri KANT, Copenhagen

We are very pleased to welcome you to the Full Size Render by the Swedish painter Daniel Fleur.

Daniel Fleur (b.1992) lives and works in Malmø and is educated from the Malmö Art Academy in

2018. The coming show is his first solo exhibition outside Sweden.

Lines move through Daniel Fleur's paintings as short melodies, striving to reveal what they began to describe the contours of. Colour backlit by the canvas becomes the keynote which the melodies allow to play along with. Time and place appear, as well as parts of something recognisable.

The formation of these moments could be temporary, but not their presence. Lines and color behave as when one tries to remember a dream just after waking, in a position between prominence and disappearance.

In the exhibition Full Size Render, Daniel Fleur presents new oil paintings. They have their departure starting point in the change and the deviations that may occur when a material painting is translated into coded information. Fleur's artistry is based on an interest in painting both as a method and theme. In his work, he allows both his own usage of digital images and the society way of communicating to be transformed into an input where the substance of the digital image and its relation to painting are examined.


The exhibition shows paintings that all are constructed from repetition and copying. A specific light, a few seconds shutter speed, has been frozen and digitized. The photograph of the previous work has then served as the starting point for a new one. Translation of information and compression creates deviations.


A small change in color temperature can cause major changes. What becomes visible in the new painting is not merely the surrounding space and the light in which the preceding painting was photographed, but also the impact of technology on the alteration of a picture. The images oscillate between dematerialization and materialization. There is a confrontation or a meeting between coded information and the haptic qualities of painting that in itself influences the image.


The paintings carry their past in their present state. But the paintings are never static. It’s not simply about a then and a now, it’s also about a future, in which the image continues to undergo changes.

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