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Wadström Tönnheim Galley, Malmö

Lines move through Daniel Fleur’s paintings as short melodies, striving to reveal what they began to describe the contours of. Color backlit by the canvas becomes the keynote which the melodies allows to play along with. Time and place appear, as well as parts of something recognizable.


The formation of these moments could be temporary, but not their presence. Lines and color behave as when one tries to remember a dream just after waking, in a position between prominence and disappearance.

In the exhibition 8,192 Different Levels of Pressure Sensitivity, Daniel Fleur presents new oil paintings. They have their starting point in the meeting between a material painting and an immaterial digital painting. Fleur’s artistry is based on an interest in painting both as a method and theme. In his work, he allows both his own usage of digital images and society's way of communication to be transformed into an input where the substance of the digital image and its relation to painting are examined. There is a confrontation or a meeting between coded and programmed information and the haptic qualities of painting, which in turn affect the image. For the artist, it is about how translation of information and compression creates deviations. The goal seems first and foremost to surprise himself rather than to confirm a certain painting tradition.


Daniel Fleur (born 1992) lives and works in Malmö. He took his master’s degree at Malmö Academy of Art in 2018. Daniel has already had several aknowledged exhibitions, for example at Thomas Wallner in Simrishamn, Wadström Tönnheim Gallery in Skanör, and at the Malmö Art Museum, as well as an upcoming solo exhibition at Galleri Kant in Copenhagen, which opens on October 27th. This is Daniel’s second solo exhibition at Wadström Tönnheim Gallery in Sweden, and Daniel will also be participating in a larger group show with Swedish artists who will open at Wadström Tönnheim Gallery in Spain later in October.


The opening is on Saturday the 20th of October between 12-16 pm. The exhibition ”8,192 Different Levels of Pressure Sensitivity” will go on until the 10th of November at Båstadsgatan 4 in Malmö.

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