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Galleri Thomas Wallner, Simris

The Malmö Art Museum's large and extensive collection contains almost 2,600 works by Carl Fredrik Hill.

The collection contains many of his so-called disease drawings. The drawings are fragile and are kept in storage mostly hidden from viewers. In close collaboration with the museum, Fleur had the opportunity to study these drawings closely.

In preparation for the visit, two PDF files were sent out with the works by Carl Fredrik Hill that provided search results for crayons, landscapes, and trees in the museum's internal search system.

Based on these inventory lists, with pixelated thumbnails of the works, Fleur would form an idea of which drawings he then wanted to investigate further.

What Fleur then experienced was similar to what Stendhal writes in his diary about his meeting with the artist Baldassare Franceschini's work Sibille in Florence. Stendhal writes that he had reached an emotional state where heavenly sensations triggered by the fine art mixed with passionate emotions. When he came out of the church of Santa Croce, he had palpitation and describes it as if life had been torn out from him. When he was about to leave, he was afraid of falling to the ground. This has come to be known as Stendahl’s syndrome.


Exhausted, Fleur slept the rest of the afternoon until the next day.


The color grids created when Carl Fredrik Hill's crayons met the porous papers, the illusion of depiction of depth but also a tactile and physical depth arose. With the help of a magnifying glass, a deeper insight into the architecture of painting, of color and materiality was revealed.


In his exhibition Transmission at Galleri Thomas Wallner, Daniel Fleur shows a suite of paintings that are based both on the encounter with the digitally compressed images from the inventory lists but also on the experience of being able to study the originals up close.


The word transmission can be synonyms with:

transfer; energy transfer; broadcast


Daniel Fleur lives and works in Malmö. This autumn, he will begin his fifth and final year at the Malmö Art Academy. He has previously exhibited at, among others, Malmö Art Museum (Museet / The Museum/ فحتملا ,( Galleri Thomas Wallner (Polyfoni 3 and 4) and at Wadström Tönnheim Gallery (Gränsdragningar).

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